Nicolas Lobo

Nicolas Lobo

BIO:DIP, 2016, installation view, Red Bull Studios New York, NY





Nicolas Lobo’s work concerns the human body and its peripherals. He has utilized unconventional materials such as grape flavored cough syrup, an aphrodisiac soft drink, Napalm, Play-Dough, concrete, flip-flops, and soap to produce sculptures, installations and two-dimensional work. He has produced experiential artworks using mass-produced scents and handmade cosmetic clays.  Through these processes, Lobo parses the frameworks of our senses and the complexities of collective human physiology. Looking to move beyond language, he focuses on the intersections between the sensorial and the cultural as they play into both emotional and technological systems of consumption. Lobo’s work employs the use value of corporeal perception within a knowledge economy, and he reveals systems of consumerism and how they affect what we do to our bodies.

Lobo has shown widely in the United States, including in exhibitions at the Pérez Art Museum Miami; Red Bull Studios, New York; The Fabric Workshop; the de la Cruz Collection; The Agency; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara and the Orlando Museum of Contemporary Art. He recently completed a residency at DARPA in Arlington, Virginia and has published several artist books.

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